Pioneer Marketing & Public Affairs is a premier marketing agency, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, providing marketing and public-affairs consultancy

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Founded in 2004, we offer a broad range of insight-driven, public-affairs and marketing communications solutions to clients in various industries ranging from aviation, e-commerce, fintech, FMCG, nutrition, and information and communications technology. Our consultancy is anchored by deep stakeholder insights gained through our extensive network of contacts, years of working experience and comprehensive research. What sets us apart from the competition is our ability to conceptualize and customize public-affairs solutions for clients based on our understanding of international best practices and continuous effort to stay on top of the market and industry trends as well as Vietnam’s volatile regulatory environment.

Operating nationwide, Pioneer Marketing & Public Affairs is well-positioned to add value to clients by leveraging our profound knowledge of the local media landscape, Government apparatus, market insights, culture and contacts. We function by establishing robust relationships between your company and stakeholders, and engaging with those who matter the most to your business – journalists, opinion leaders, employers, industry colleagues, senior public servants, and most importantly, customers.

Highly-qualified staff, with proven capabilities to design and deliver successful public-affairs campaigns, has enabled us to earn clients’ trust by identifying and addressing their needs effectively. Exceeding client expectations and driving them to success have solidified our reputation as a valued and strategic partner.

In the long term, our quest to be a successful agency will depend principally on our uncompromising commitment to delivering impactful solutions.

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Our Approach

We have a simple approach to public-affairs consultancy and campaign execution. As shown in this six-step inverted pyramid, we believe that every public-affairs program must be focused on the client’s business objective(s).

Our Approach

Our Team - Pioneer Marketing Agency

Huong Le

Hailee Huong Le

Managing Partner

Tuyet Bui

Tuyet Bui

Senior Media Relations

Phuong Tran

Phuong Tran

Media Relations Manager

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Ngan Nguyen

Account Executive

anna nguyen

Anna Nguyen

Account Manager

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Dzung Le

Senior Government Affairs Consultant

Lan Anh

Lan Anh Do

Accountant & Office Manager

Sustainability Policy

At Pioneer Marketing and Public Affairs (PMPA), our commitment to sustainable development, gender equality, and social inclusion remains unwavering. Our policies are designed to address environmental concerns, promote equal opportunities, and contribute to the well-being of our community. The following revised principles guide our dedication:

Encouraging the Use of Eco-friendly Vehicles

PMPA encourages all employees to prioritize the use of electric vehicles for work-related travel. This commitment aims to reduce harmful emissions, alleviate traffic congestion, and promote energy-efficient transportation.

Environmentally Friendly Business Gifts

On special cultural occasions, such as Tet and the Moon Festival, PMPA advocates the selection of business gifts made from environmentally friendly materials. This initiative aligns with our dedication to reducing environmental pollution.

Promoting Cashless Transactions

PMPA urges clients and vendors to adopt cashless payments or e-invoices, contributing to the reduction of paper usage and waste associated with traditional cash transactions.

Equal Employment Opportunities and Gender Inclusion

PMPA is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a workplace free from discrimination based on gender or physical condition. Our policies prioritize support for female employees, including initiatives like flexible working hours for women with young children, remote work during family emergencies, a focus on job efficiency, and professional training and development opportunities to assist women in leadership roles. Women comprise the majority of PMPA staff and we are proud to offer equal opportunities for career growth and development to all employees regardless of their gender and background.

Promoting Women’s Leadership and Professional Development

PMPA is dedicated to supporting and empowering women leaders. We take pride in the fact that women currently hold 80% of all leadership positions within our organization. As a firm believer in equal opportunities, we offer ongoing professional training initiatives to ensure career growth and development for all our employees.

Encouraging Employee Participation in Social Activities

PMPA actively encourages employees to engage in social activities, particularly those related to environmental protection, green development, and supporting disadvantaged people. We believe in contributing to the well-being of our community.

Promoting Water Conservation Culture

PMPA is dedicated to building a water-saving culture within our organization through educational programs and regular reminders to employees on efficient water usage.

Reducing Energy Consumption by Using Energy-Efficient Electrical Equipment

PMPA is committed to reducing energy consumption by replacing traditional lighting systems with energy-efficient electrical equipment. Additionally, we harness natural light in the workplace wherever possible to create an eco-friendly working environment.

These revised policies underscore PMPA’s commitment to sustainable development, gender equality, and social inclusion. By embracing these principles, we strive to create a better future for our employees, clients, vendors, and the community at large.