Solo Travel – Vietnam should be on your list!

Vietnam was recently recognized as the only Southeast Asian country on the UK’s Time Out magazine’s list of the ‘9 safest solo female travel destinations in the world’. The list also includes Sri Lanka, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Japan, Guatemala, Australia, Greece, and New Zealand.

Vietnam has been recognized as a safe destination for travelers, particularly for solo female travelers, for quite some time. What attracts solo female travelers to Vietnam is its political stability and low rates of violent crime. Additionally, Vietnam has a lot to offer to tourists, such as diverse cuisine, numerous tourist attractions, and a variety of transportation means (including ride-hailing apps, motorcycles, bicycles, taxis, trains, buses, and airplanes), making it easy for travelers to explore the country.

anh bia solo travel

Photo: Pioneer Marketing & Public Affairs

Moreover, the hospitality and friendliness of the Vietnamese people make travelers feel at ease when visiting the country. The support and warmth from locals help travelers feel more confident and secure in their journeys.

The trend of solo travel, especially for women, is growing in popularity. This presents an opportunity for the Vietnamese tourism industry to focus on developing services and products for this customer segment. Caesar Indra, the President of Traveloka, a leading travel platform in Southeast Asia, which has been present in Vietnam since 2015, shared with Vietnam News reporters about the solo travel trend: “Recognizing the significance of this trend, the tourism industry must prioritize specialized and personalized services tailored to the preferences of solo travelers. Catering to the needs of solo travelers, who typically value flexibility, entails providing services that align with their distinct preferences. Personalized services can include tailored itineraries, solo-friendly accommodations, and activities promoting independence.”

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