Evolutionizing Tourism – The Potential of an “Asian-style Schengen Visa”

Thailand’s bold move towards a ‘common visa’ arrangement with neighboring nations, including Vietnam, represents a paradigm shift in Southeast Asian tourism. Beyond its surface impact, this initiative presents promising opportunities for Vietnam’s burgeoning tourism industry. 

By aiming to simplify visa processes and promote seamless travel experience, Vietnam stands to gain immensely from this initiative. Firstly, a ‘common visa’ arrangement emphasizes regional cooperation, allowing Vietnam to position itself as a key player in Southeast Asian tourism. By aligning visa policies and leveraging collective strengths, Vietnam can attract more tourists and boost its tourism revenue. 

hoi an 100

Hoi An ancient town (Vietnam) – Photo: Lonely Planet

Additionally, the establishment of retail payment connectivity using QR codes between Vietnam and Thailand in 2021 is another significant development. If the “Asian-style Schengen Visa” becomes a reality, the days when Vietnamese travelers can travel  comfortably and make payments safely using QR codes abroad may not be far off. Moreover, Vietnamese authorities’ recent announcement that right-hand-drive cars will be permitted in Vietnam from May 1st, 2024, adds another dimension to the convenience for foreign tourists wishing to drive in Vietnam, showcasing the government’s efforts to welcome international tourists. 

In essence, the potential ‘common visa’ initiative serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the Southeast Asian tourism landscape. While challenges such as aligning immigration policies and ensuring security standards remain, success depends on overcoming these complexities while balancing the facilitation of travel and safeguarding national interests. As Vietnam strives for travel destination excellence, this opportunity can help Vietnam achieve sustainable growth and global recognition in tourism. 

Read the full article here: https://vietnamnews.vn/life-style/1653538/thailand-leads-push-for-six-nation-visa-to-lure-moneyed-tourists-malaysia-among-countries-in-programme.html

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