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Vietnamobile - Small but Mighty

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Vietnamobile is a joint venture between Hanoi Telecom and Hong Kong-based Hutchison Telecommunication. It became public in 2007 and the new branding of Vietnamobile debuted in April 2009, after completing a technology conversion from CDMA to GSM. At that time it became the country’s fourth GSM mobile services provider after MobiFone, Vinaphone and Viettel.

The Challenges

  • Vietnamobile started business in 2009 in a highly competitive market where 3 giant operators held more than 90% of the market share
  • Vietnamobile developed from the unsuccessful CDMA HT Mobile. Therefore, customers & media were skeptical about Vietnamobile’s capabilities

The Solution

Pioneer Communications & Marketing  was appointed as the exclusive PR agency for strategic consultancy for Vietnamobile nationwide. Pioneer has worked closely with Vietnamobile to position the brand as an innovative, customer-centered and value driven:

  • Improve the relationship of VNM with media through Media Days and Thank You Parties during New Years
  • Project the VM Brand as a dynamic, young, creative and customer-oriented. Position VNM as a constructive new player in Vietnam’s ICT industry by affecting policy change, such as floor pricing
  • Provide regular strategic consultancy: not only in terms of media but also integrated marketing communications (events, social media and branding)

The Results

  • With Beeline’s exit from the market, Vietnamobile looks set to hold place as the 4th biggest operator in Vietnam with over 10 mil subscribers
  • The gap between Vietnamobile and its main competitors in consumer and media perception has been narrowed
  • Helped erase the negative impressions left from the HT Mobile era
  • Strengthened the position of Vietnamobile as the best on-net mobile operator with leading nationwide network coverage
  • Excellent customer feedback from innovative promotion campaigns
  • Creation of customer-first promotions and nationwide giveaways, including cars, motorbikes and travel packages

Massive successful marketing campaigns, including original commercials, one of which by award-winning film director Patrick Hughes

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