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Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 23, 2016 –At the 18th World Congress of Food Science and Technology in Dublin, Ireland, (Hanoimilk) Hanoi Milk Joint Stock Company’s IZZI milk received international recognition in the a Global Food Industry Awards after reaching the final in the Product and Process Innovation category and being placed in the Communicating Scientific Knowledge to Consumers category.  Brought to market in April 2013, IZZI milk is a natural product uniquely developed for the Vietnamese market, to address the significant issue of stunting (malnourishment and micronutrient deficiency) in Vietnamese children, caused by a diet that is often lower in nutrient, micronutrients and minerals in comparison to other developing countries.

The Global Food Industry Awards are reviewed and determined by the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). Dubbed the “United Nations in the food industry,” IUFoST Awards have the largest international reach. Held biannually, the World Congress of Food Science and Technology assembles the world’s top food industry scientists and businesses. Candidates are nominated and evaluated in three key categories - (i) Product and/or process innovation, including industrialization of traditional foods; (ii) Package innovation; and (iii) Communicating science-related knowledge to consumers. Hanoimilk’s IZZI product was honored under category No.1, deemed the most challenging.

Hanoimilk’s IZZI product underwent a rigorous nomination process to be picked by the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology (VAFoST), beating out a wide selection of quality national food products.

Receiving the award, Dr Hà Quang Tuấn - Chairman and CEO said: “It is a great honor for Hanoimilk to see IZZI Milk receive recognition at this prestigious international event.  Starting back in 2001, a research was undertaken to find out how we could include more nutrients in the daily diet of Vietnamese children, who are more likely to be malnourished and deficient in essential nutrients than in other developing countries. The result was IZZI Milk, a natural product which combines added micronutrients and minerals including iron and zinc, with a delicious taste and is today consumed frequently by over 10 million children in Vietnam.  Consumption of IZZI Milk has proven health benefits including above average height growth, as noted in a three year study by the Vietnamese National Institute for Nutrition.”

VAFoST Vice Chairman Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Duy Lam witnessed the moment Vietnam's representative was named to the podium. He emotionally shared his thoughts “We deeply admire Hanoimilk’s innovative approach to providing a natural solution to addressing the issue of stunting among Vietnamese children.. VAFoST highly credited Hanoimilk’s IZZI milk and it is truly an honor for Hanoimilk to receive recognition for IZZI milk  in Ireland, a country known for its long-standing advancements in the dairy industry. This recognition for IZZI is a tremendous accolade for Vietnam and the country’s dairy industry.”

For this recognition to be possible, Hanoimilk’s IZZI milk had to pass a stringent review by IUFoST’s Science Board, which assembles 48 members, all famed food scientists and experts. Hanoimilk is the first and only dairy company in Vietnam that was able to research and apply two valuable nutrients Palatinose and Synergy1 in order to supplement to liquid milk.  In other countries, no major milk company has done so much research on milk products to see how they can be designed specifically for youth in their own country.

“Hanoimilk is a good example of how a company has embraced innovation and it’s the underpinning of that innovation by science that makes a food company grow.  IZZI milk is a unique selling point and I absolutely commend Hanoimilk for taking that direction rather than advancing on a wide commodity basis Dr. Declan Troy, Chairman of IUFoST 2016, said at the award presenting event.  

From the perspectives of the country’s top food scientist and long-time IUFoST academic, Prof. Luu Duan said: “To be selected as a finalist for these awards, IZZI milk’s amazing technological innovation and true product quality passed the demanding and transparent evaluation of the IUFoST Science Board. This is proof that when one really works hard, thinks creatively and is serious about product quality, Vietnamese dairy businesses can absolutely compete and do well on the world stage.”




1.     About IUFoST (International Union of Food Science and Technology)

The International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST), active since 1962, is a non-profit international organization working in the food science and technology sector supporting programs and projects that increase food safety and ensure global food supply.

IUFoST is one of the 31 unions in the world chosen as a full member of the International Council for Science (ICSU). Additionally, IUFoST also acts as a food science and technology sector representative for relevant international organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and various other international organizations.

With more than 65 member countries, IUFoST represents over 300,000 famed food scientists and technologists around the world, creating a unified global voice in food science and technology.


2.     About Hanoimilk and IZZI S+ milk


Hanoi Milk Joint Stock Company (Hanoimilk) was founded in 2001 and listed on the Vietnam stock market in 2006, having consecutive revenue growth in recent years. Its key products include IZZI pasteurized milk and Hanoimilk yogurt.

  • IZZI milk is a natural product, with absolutely no preservatives, manufactured on a modern, industrial scale.  IZZI S+ milk is the only liquid milk product that has been developed to address the specific issue of stunting (malnourishment and micronutrient deficiency) which exists among Vietnamese children as a result of lack of key micronutrients in their daily diet. 
  • Hanoimilk is the first and only dairy company in Vietnam that was able to research and apply two valuable nutrients to liquid milk: Palatinose, which provides prolonged energy supply for the brain and Synergy1 which increases calcium and other mineral absorption.
  • With the consultation of Dairy Vietnam and ISRAELI specialists, Hanoimilk has successfully studied and applied a TMR (Total Mixed Ration) formula, which leant itself to the local conditions, meant that cows produce milk rich in nutrients and micronutrients to meet S+milk’s stringent formula. The uniqueness of Hanoimilk’s TMR is that it has a customized formula that is suitable for local food supply and ensures that the quality of milk meets all the requirements for S+ formula. 
  • Approximately 10 million Vietnamese children ( of the population of children) drink IZZI milk on a regular basis.  A 3-year clinical research carried out by the Vietnam National Institute of Nutrition recently showed that: all children in the study presented no sign of allergies or side effects after consuming IZZI S+ milk. The majority of children consuming 440 ml of IZZI S+ milk every day are growing healthily with heights above the average recommended for their age group in Vietnam. 


  • In 2014, Hanoimilk’s IZZI milk was jointly reviewed by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam, and nominated to the Prime Minister for the “Top 20 Gold brand names of Vietnamese food” award – the highest ranking award in the food industry in Vietnam.
  • In 2015, IZZI milk was recommended by the Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology to be presented the “Top 10 Best food brand names in Vietnam” award by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. 
  • Over three years in a row (2013-2015), IZZI milk was selected as the “Milk of choice for mothers and children” of the Consumer Counsel magazine.
  • In 2015, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment presented the “Green Brand name” award to Hanoimilk’s dairy plant.