The launch of A. O. Smith, redefining the standards for water purifiers in Vietnam

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A. O. Smith is a leading global water technology company and one of the largest manufacturers of residential and commercial water heaters in the world.  The  corporation  now  has  a  representative  office  in  Vietnam, providing A. O. Smith branded water purifiers countrywide.
(Hanoi, Mar. 11th, 2015) – A. O. Smith Corporation today launches its A. O. Smith Water Purifiers in Vietnam, following early three years of research and product  development for this market. The  A.  O. Smith  product  launch  has drawn significant  attention  from  potential  customers  and the firm’s key distributors in Vietnam.
What A. O. Smith expects to offer Vietnamese users?
A.  O. Smith  stands behind  its products  and  its customers  with  world-class service, combining cutting-edge technology with committed people who take pride in being the very best.
The company chose Vietnam as its next destination, following success in major markets in The United States, Canada, Europe, China and India. According to Dr. Wilfried M Brouwer, A O Smith’s Senior Vice President and President for Asia, “Vietnam is among the countries with the fastest economic development in South East Asia. North Vietnam is facing the requirement of water treatment, specifically water purification.  
 A. O. Smith's Representatives  and Brand's Distributor in Vietnam answers questions from Media
 A. O. Smith's Representatives  and Brand's Distributor in Vietnam answers questions from Media
The reasons for this are that water sources in this  area are  contaminated  with  arsenic, soil  and ground  water  is  getting polluted from agribusiness and industry, and  private wells get contaminated by wastewater , leading to the need for water purification among households. A. O. Smith also sees that the middle class in Vietnam is steadily growing, and Vietnam’s long term growth moving forward is very promising”
The first series of products will target multiple categories, including under-the-sink purifiers, counter-top purifiers with state-of-the-art designs to provide a pure  water  supply  with  style  and  elegance,  floor-standing  systems  with sturdiness and class for homes or offices and tank-less reverse osmosis (RO) purifiers, the first home, high recovery RO water purification systems in the world without a storage tank.
The launch of A. O. Smith, redefining the standards for water purifiers in Vietnam 1
A. O. Smith RO-Side Stream Water Purifier, with state-of-the-art designs to provide a pure water supply with style and elegance
A benefit  that Vietnamese  consumers will  enjoy  from these  purifiers is  the application  of  its  patented  “Side Stream” technology in the development of reverse osmosis (RO) Water purifiers. A O Smith’s RO - Side Stream membrane delivers the highest recovery of water. It can reduce at least  56% of waste water,  increase  66%  of  pure  water  output  and  prolong  1.5 times  the  RO membrane lifetime vs. a traditional membrane. Besides, this technology also helps to remove up to 99.9% heavy metals, pesticide residues, bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances from the water.
A. O. Smith water purifiers also have  a  filter  cartridge  replacement  reminder  to  ensure  the  best  post-purification  water quality  as well as  an anti-leakage feature.  The solid  and elegant design is another unique feature of A. O. Smith water purifiers. A. O. Smith provides Vietnamese consumers the comprehensive saving solution and user experience of water purifiers at a whole new level, notably using strict quality  and  production  process  control,  application  of  the  RO-Side  Stream technology and continued  innovation  to add  superior capabilities for water purification products.
Dr.  Brouwer  states “A O Smith gives consumers’ needs  top  priority  and demonstrates our commitments through American-standard  after-sales  and customer  services. What we  want to offer customers is not just a  premium water  purification product,  but  the  tangible  values,  practical  solutions  and excellent  user  experience.  To  that  end,  in  addition  to Research and Development, we consistently place emphasis on maximizing consumers’ interests through providing advice and support to them, showing how to use the products in the most efficient way. Meanwhile, we do not take lightly the
need  for  attractive  sales  policies  and  market-based  support  programs  for distributors and dealers to make sure that our agents will bring our outstanding products to Vietnamese consumers”
Dr. Wilfridus M. Brouwer, A. O. Smith Group’s Vice President and Asia’s operation President​ delivered ​speech in A. O. Smith Launch Event
Dr. Wilfridus M. Brouwer, A. O. Smith Group’s Vice President and Asia’s operation President​ delivered ​speech in A. O. Smith Launch Event
About A. O. Smith
A. O. Smith Corporation was founded in 1874 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where today the company is still  headquartered.  In addition  to water purification products, it is the world's leading manufacturer of residential and commercial water heating equipment, offering a comprehensive product line featuring the best-known brands around the world.
A. O. Smith employs approximately 12,400 men and women at operations in the United  States,  Canada,  Mexico,  China, India,  the  United  Kingdom,  the Netherlands,  and  Turkey,  and  has  the  global  reach  to  serve  customers worldwide. Its presence in Vietnam will further support the sales and service commitments to its new customers in Vietnam. To date, A. O. Smith has sales and distribution in more than 60 countries around the world; its sales in 2014 were $2.4 billion.
To support its water treatment focus, A. O. Smith has eight engineering facilities around the world including its Corporate Technology  Center  (CTC)  in Milwaukee.  The  product components  developed  there  obtain  certifications from  NSF –and WQA,  very important quality  assurance  firms  in  the water treatment field in the US. To date, in the water purification sector alone, A. O. Smith has obtained more than 140 patents for RO water purification technology applications, water softening technologies, industrial RO water  purification systems and other water treatment products and applications.
As a global leader A. O. Smith and its employees pride themselves on applying innovative technology and energy-efficient solutions to products  marketed worldwide.  The company's goal is to be  a leading  global water technology company,  and our focus is on building this platform through new product development, global expansion, strategic acquisitions and partnerships.
Our vision is to be a leading, globally diversified provider of innovative, energy-efficient products used to heat and clean water, providing extraordinary value to customers and maximizing returns to our shareholders.
”Innovation Has a Name ®”
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