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In today's highly competitive marketplace, the success of any communications campaign depends on a firm's ability to plan strategically, including marketing mix strategy, PR plan, online marketing solutions, … This normally requires examining a business's position in relation to its competitors by analyzing its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and understanding its target market, stakeholder requirements and, most importantly, customer needs.

By marcom (marketing & communications) strategic planning we mean

  • Target audience analysis
  • Positioning and Communications strategy
  • Brand building & marketing
  • Launch strategy
  • Campaign planning

Pioneer Communications is one of the leading event companies and media agencies in Vietnam. Our marketing and PR professionals excel in building marketing strategy, pr strategy, online marketing consultancy and have assisted our clients, all of whom are world-class companies, to realize their business endeavors. Oftentimes, we get involved with clients from a very early stage of the campaign and counsel them on a wide range of issues such as project partnership, communication methodology, launch strategy and so on. Marcom Strategic planning must examine the different scenarios that might occur when implementing a project and develop solutions and contingency plans for each anticipated scenario.

When your advertising budget shrinks and you are still well short of the level of brand awareness you desire, public relations is a powerful tool which we can put at our clients’ disposal. We have the capacity and competence to design and carry out communication programs including marketing plan, online marketing trategy that set your company and products apart from competitors and increase their appealto the target customer group and invite buyers.