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Dang thi Mai Trang

Head of ICAEW Vietnam

Elizabete Fong

Pioneer has been a key communications partner during 2009-2017

Elizabete Fong

CEO Vietnamobile

Marco Saladini

In conclusion, let me state that Pioneer Marketing and Communications, under your guidance, satisfactorily and cost-effectively performed all contractual obligations entered into with the Italian Trade Commission office in Vietnam between 2008 and 2011.

Marco Saladin

Italian Trade Commissioner in Vietnam 2006-2011

Amy Kunrojpanya

Public Affairs & Communications Manager Coca-cola Beverages Indochina.

Dao Anh Tuan

Dao Anh Tuan

Business Software Alliance (BSA) Representative in Vietnam

Rebecca Ho


Jeffrey Jones

Jeffrey Jones

Operations Director

Success Stories

We take a simple approach to professional communication consultancy and execution.  As reflected in the six-step model below, we believe that every communication program has to be designed and implemented with the client’s business objective(s) in mind.