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These days, businesses interact with consumers on many fronts. The notion that consumer perception of a company’s products or services significantly affects their purchase decision has been well researched and is now considered fact. Media relations offer the advantage that few other marketing tools can provide: Credibility. Indeed, when messages about a brand appear in an article in a newsworthy manner, consumers or stakeholders of corporations tend to believe the message. Furthermore, credibility and cost effectiveness are the key strengths of media relations.

Regardless of what industry you are in, it is critical to have an appropriate public image that supports your business objectives. From building an appropriate corporate image to planning a product launch campaign, the media relations specialists at Pioneer Communications are well positioned to cater to a wide range of PR needs.

Pioneer Communications believes strongly that success is based on a harmony between strategy-building and implementation skills. Success in promoting brands and corporate image depends, to a large extent, on an agency’s ability to ‘speak the same language’ as the media. In Vietnam this is especially true. Understanding of the market environment is crucial. Pioneer Communications’ highly qualified staff has succeeded in establishing reliable media contacts across Vietnam. Thesepeople have played a significant role in helping us act on communication programs for our clients effectively and within allocated budgets.

  • Press release/press kits
  • Executive interviews
  • News stories placement
  • Media conferences and round tables
  • Executive interviews and features
  • Press monitoring & distribution