How to create a media buzz to promote your special event

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Debra J. Schmidt interviews Joan Stewart (A one-hour tele seminar) 
You will learn:

  • The wrong assumption many PR people make about the media 
  • The value of creating a media database 
  • 18 things to include in your media database 
  • When to start publicizing your event
  • What to do when you’re in doubt about sending a news release 
  • 8 questions to ask yourself about your even
  • How to pitch story ideas selectively
  • 6 ways to find out which events are competing with yours for coverage 
  • How to get those mega-feature stories a day or two before the event 
  • The 5 most important words to use with every media person 
  • How to build strong relationships with editors 
  • How to request a meeting with the media 
  • What to discuss when you meet 
  • Where to find calendar listings where you can post your event 
  • 6 ways to involve reporters in your event 
  • How to ask radio stations for a live remote 
  • How to entice a radio station to do a live remote 
  • Tips for using your cable TV company’s public access channe
  • How to involve TV anchors at your event 
  • The power of food gifts and why they help lure the media 
  • Why the media hate news conferences 
  • How to create an enticing media kit 
  • 3 ways to lure crowds the day of your event 
  • The big mistake PR people make with media kits 
  • 5 amenities to grant reporters who cover your event 
  • How to make your media kit available to the media within seconds 
  • 7 tips for seeking a media sponsorship 

How to entice reporters to open your media kit $29.95 plus shipping & handling