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Whether big or small, no organization should be without a crisis communications plan in marketing mix strategy.

Crises happen all of the time: it could be a fire, it could be a financial issue, or it could be a major safety issue with one of your products. Whatever it is, it’s highly likely that some kind of crisis is going to hit your company sometime in the next couple of years. The types of corporate crises include:

  • Government investigation
  • Product recall
  • Protest/Strike/Fire
  • Insider trading scandal
  • Embezzlement
  • Outbreak of food poisoning caused by your company
  • Plummeting stock price
  • One of your employees is accused of a high profile crime
  • Sexual harassment case
  • Dramatic downsizing causing significant job loss
  • False advertising accusation

When a crisis hits, timely and appropriate response can make all the difference in deciding whether your reputation remains unblemished, this is a very important part we must build in to our marketing plan in general and PR strategy in particular. Almost all crises have a consistent element, which we believe is a must to plan in advance for: how your company will communicate with the media during and after the event.

Why do we believe this is important? Because how well your company manages the media during a crisis could determine whether the experience is ultimately positive or negative – a company can get hurt or use the event to grow. In Vietnam, this has been demonstrated in the cases of Vienamobile, Abbott Nutrition and Coca Cola whereby their PR teams’ success in handling a crisis enabled each company to maintain a market leading position. 

Many companies who do not handle these issues well suffer the ultimate fate – the demise or reorganization of the company. 

Over the past few years there has been a number of corporate scandals – Vidan, ACB and Fonterra.  Much of the consequences, both failures and successes, came as a result of their PR firms’ understanding of and relationships with the press during the event. 
As a top rank communications agency in Vietnam, our experienced team will work closely with your company to develop a crisis management plan based on a detailed analysis of your risk areas, ensuring that the most suitable response is taken and your company’s most valuable asset will be protected: its reputation.

We have a close relationship with leading media companies throughout the country thus providing effective communication with the public.

We use persistent, tactful and well-crafted messaging to ensure the situation is diffused and that the impact on our client’s reputation is minimal.

Pioneer’s crisis management and communications services include:

  • Issues monitoring, risk area identification and analysis
  • Developing crisis management and PR plan to effectively handle crisis issues within your company to minimize loss and downtime
  • Working with the media and stakeholders to effectively handle crisis issues
  • Post crisis evaluation and follow up