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From its humble beginnings as an animal feed producer and over the last 9 years of operation and evolvement,  GreenFeed Vietnam Corporation has always ceaselessly pursued its goal of being a solution provider to a clean foodstuff industry.

In 2010, Pioneer won the pitch to assist GreenFeed in propagating a public relation strategy to raise awareness  about the GreenFeed brand name amongst the myriad of other major industry names, including CP, Cargill, Lai    Thieu and Anco. This would lay a foundation for enhancing the value and consumer awareness of GreenFeed's brand  name, serving to not only enhance sales and build a client base, but also to impart the knowledge that GreenFeed is  a company that contributes significantly to the greater good of society.

Following thorough review and research, Pioneer has canvassed an effective approach for GreenFeed:

External public relation + CSR + Internal public relation

with the following three key messages:

 1. The company has been a long-time partner with Vietnamese farmers, has access to advanced technologies and provides quality and sanitary products with an unmatched competitive edge, offering a value chain leading to safe food for consumers.

 2. GreenFeed has continuously invested in corporate values (human and corporate culture), technology and relationships with strategic partners (customers, investors, farmers, the media and governments).

 3. With the launch of the CSR program "Funding farmers to help their children go to school", GreenFeed has made significant links to the community with a meaningful and practical social activity. This from a company that works tirelessly for social development.

To be specific:

  • The company stays in touch with farmers through technical consulting special columns in major farming-related newspapers (Countryside Today and Vietnam Agriculture).
  • It tries to establish and maintain a bond with the community through multiple GreenFeed advertisements on major TV channels and newspapers in Vietnam, as all GreenFeed's feature activities are reported in the media.
  • Internal strength is created through the company's newsletter system, team building efforts and events honoring sales staff.
  • Good relationships between GreenFeed and the media are formed through publicity of the company's CSR program (inviting reporters on field trips to participating households, funds awarding events, amongst others.).
  • Timely updates of minor public relation plans are provided based on actual needs to improve the GreenFeed brand name (thorough explanation about higher animal feed product prices, pork with banned substances, CSR fund raising gala events allowing the program to open in more provinces, amongst others).


GreenFeed has successfully established itself as one of the top 6 local animal feed producers and 1 of the 500 largest companies in Vietnam in 2010 and 2011 (according to VNR's stats).

The GreenFeed brand name has been coupled with the CSR program "Funding farmers to help their children go to school".

The GreenFeed brand name has been built on a different path from competitors - GREEN – CLEAN – GIVING A HAND TOWARD THE COMMUNITY; and it has proved itself as a top choice for customers and partners.

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