Brand journalism is the new PR

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Think you can still rely on traditional PR and marketing to get the job done?

Think the written word is dead?

Think your company’s communications doesn’t need journalism? 

Brand journalism will make you think again.
Join us in one of the following cities and learn how to combine lively storytelling and your organization’s voice to form brand journalism:
April 8 - New York, NY

April 29 - Chicago, IL

June 6 - Toronto, ON

June 24 - Denver, CO 

Mark Ragan and Jim Ylisela will share their combined experience from the trenches to show how you can turn your PR department into a newsroom- and why your competitors will be clamoring to know how you did it. 
See the full agenda for the Brand Journalism for Corporate Communicators Workshop here. 
Leave this workshop with the ability to:

  • Write content that grabs every reader's attention and holds it
  • Increase readership and brand loyalty by using 10 specific email techniques
  • Create content you can easily push through multiple mediums
  • Build a subscriber list filled with customers and media contacts without breaking your budget
  • Prove the worth of your work with measurement

Spend just one day at this workshop and you’ll walk away with the ability to create can’t-miss brand journalism strategies that will create paralyzing jealousy in your competitors.