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Navigating Vietnam's Uncertain Media Landscape

Vietnamese media under reform. In early 2019, Vietnam's press management agencies began implementing a nationwide restructuring program designed...

The Italian Technologies for Vietnam's Industry Smart and Circular Economy

New opportunities of trade, investment and technological collaboration between Italy and Vietnam

New research assesses renewables’ potential to drive Vietnam’s energy future

Renewables could become Vietnam’s lowest-cost option to meet its energy needs, according to McKinsey & Company whitepaper

Qatar Airways Touches Down For the First Time in Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang is the third Vietnamese destination on Qatar Airways’ rapidly-expanding global network as Qatar and Vietnam celebrate 25 years of diplomatic relations

MicroSave and MetLife Foundation launch program in Vietnam to improve low-income people’s financial health through digital innovation

Hanoi, November 14, 2018 – MicroSave and MetLife Foundation announced the i3 program at a launch event Hanoi, Vietnam to improve the financial health for low- to moderate-income communities across the country. The i3 program, which stands for Innovate, Implement and Impact, aims to help these...

Mekong Delta Women Change their Lives through Group Savings

Nearly 8,000 women who are in disadvantageous situations in the Mekong Delta have improved their living standard through group savings and improved personal financial management knowledge.